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Library Resources 2023

This guide provides instructions on how to access resources through the library.

Requesting Books through I-Share

You can request physical books from the HCC Library and I-Share. 

You will receive an email once items are available for in-person pickup. Items available in the HCC library collection will be available for pickup sooner than interlibrary loan requests. Requests for books from other libraries will take around a week. Items will be placed in a closed envelope with the patron's last name. These envelopes will be found on a table outside the library. We can also ship items to the Lincoln and Pontiac campuses as needed. 

Items from I-Share renew automatically.

To request books in I-Share, follow these steps:

  1. Open I-Share/Primo.
  2. Type the title of the book or key words in the search box.
  3. Search "Everything at HCC" or "All I-Share Libraries."
  4. Select Search or press Enter.
  5. Select the book title. This will open the book's holding information. 
  6. Scroll down or click on the "Get it" section. This will take you to a section that asks you to sign into your library account. Go ahead and sign-in.

Cropped screenshot of a book's holding record in i-Share. A yellow banner along the top asks users sign in to place a request.

  1. If the book is available at HCC, select Request from your library. If the book is available at a different library, select I-Share request from another institution.

Cropped screenshot of a book's holding record once the user has signed into I-Share. Under the "Get it" heading, there are two blue hyperlink options. A red circle highlights the "Request from your library option." Next to that is the "I-Share request from another instituition" option.

  1. A request form will appear. Make sure the preferences are set up as such in the drop down menus:
    1. Preferred Pickup Institution: Heartland Community College (HRT)
    2. Preferred Local Pickup Location: Heartland Community College - Main Campus, Pontiac, or Lincoln
      1. We can mail any book(s) to the Pontiac and Lincoln campus as long as you select where you'd like them to go. 
    3. Preferred Pickup Institution: Heartland Community College (HRT)
  2. Select Send Request. You will receive an email notice once the book is available for pickup. Repeat these steps for every book you would like to request.

Screenshot of the I-Share book request form. Text on request form is detailed in the instructions above the image.