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Library Research: How to Get Un-Stuck!

Library research is challenging! Here's help on how to get un-stuck when researching.

Ways to Get Help

Ways to Get Help

We have lots of ways to help you at Heartland Community College Library! 

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  • Phone 309-268-8292
  • Chat Click the purple chat button on the right side of the page in the Contact Us box
  • Email Submit an email and a librarian with email you back
  • In-Person in the Student Commons Building




If you need help with your research topic, finding research articles using the library databases or need to talk with a librarian for more than a quick question you can make a Research Appointment.

Find out more below by reading through the text or watching the video.

What is a Research Appointment?

A library Research Appointment is an opportunity for you to get one-on-one research help from a librarian! Most often you'll need help finding academic sources such as research articles or books for your assignments or projects.  Librarians can provide some ways to get started with research and how to navigate the library research databases.

What happens during a research appointment?

Typically a librarian will ask you about your assignment/project, what the requirements are (how many sources, what types of sources, how long it will be, etc.), what ideas you have for your topic, what articles you've found so far and what kind of help you need.  Depending on what you need, we'll go from there!

Do I need to prepare for the research appointment?

Yes!  Here are the things to have handy during your appointment:

  • Class syllabus or assignment information
  • Topics or ideas for your assignment
  • Articles or other resources (books, books chapters, websites, data, etc.) that you've already found
  • Questions!

Where will it be located?

We can meet with individuals or groups in-person or via Zoom depending on your preference.

Research Appointment Link

Make a Research Appointment today!

Library Research Appointment Video

Library Research Appointment Video

A librarian explains what is involved with a research video and how they can help with your research.