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ENGL 102 (Gilbert)

Welcome to your class research guide!

What we'll cover in your class session:

  • Discuss HCC Library resources
  • Go over things to consider when evaluating a source 
  • Have workshop time to find information

Annotated Bibliography

For each annotation, you are required to complete the following:

  1. a citation for the source (create the citation using either MLA or APA documentation style; you get to choose which style to work with)
  2. a summary that includes the thesis and the main points offered in the source
  3. a critique of the author's credentials (example: what degrees, expertise, experience do they have? why do we trust them?)
  4. a short discussion on the perspective offered—author objectivity/bias, the audience being addressed
  5. an explanation of the source’s credibility (example: is the publication reputable? does the source references other good sources?)—and whether the source would be considered credible for the academic paper, the multimodal project, or both
  6. a statement about the value of the source to your project

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