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HIST 101 (Rager)


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Christina Norton

A note on sources from your instructor

Requirements for your research paper:

  • Six sources minimum (Better papers will use at least 8-10 sources)
  • One must be a primary source
  • Sources should be varied and might include documents, books, newspaper articles, and journal articles (check the database for the latter)

Sources not to be used include: the course textbook, other history survey textbooks, book reviews, my class lectures and encyclopedias (including Encarta, Britannica, and Wikipedia )

(taken from your assignment: September 2018, Dr. Scott Rager)

Books @ HCC Library

Book cover the crusadesBook Cover Family life in the Middle Ages / Linda E. Mitchell.Witchcraft and magic in Europe : Ancient Greece and Rome /Rome : an empire's story / Greg WoolfA short history of the Byzantine Empire / Dionysios Stathakopoulos.Renaissance and reformation : the intellectual genesis / Anthony Lev

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