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Alma Fulfillment

Missing Status

  1. Search for the item record using the persistent search box set at the "All Titles" search.
    An image of the persistent search box
  2. When you find the correct record, click on the ellipsis on the right side to bring up the "More actions" menu.
    An image of an title record with the "more actions" ellipsis highlighted
  3. Click on "Items".
    An image of the More actions drop down menu with the Items option highlighted
  4. On the lower right, click on the ellipsis for the item you want to set as missing.
    An image of a List of items screen with an item's ellipsis highlighted
  5. Select "Toggle Missing Status". The item is now recorded as missing.
    An image of the List of items screen with a drop down menu deployed and Toggle Missing Status highlighted

If the item is no longer missing you can change the status back again by following the steps above, or by checking the item in.
An image of the Manage Item Returns screen with a pop up stating that the check in item's missing status was removed